[CGCC E-Connects] Chubb Survey: “Americans Working from Home due to COVID-19 are Productive and Resilient – But Signs of Strain are Showing”

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Courtesy of Chubb.com

CGCC member company Chubb recently released a survey report Resilient, Committed, Engaged and Worried: The Experiences and Risks of Americans Working from Home During COVID–19 after polling 1,202 Americans, aged 20 to 65 years of age, who started working remotely as a result of COVID-19.  The survey report gauges how American workers fared when their home became their workplace, including their experiences, productivity, work/life balance, changes in lifestyle and perceptions of risk. 

Click here to read the full survey report

Some of the survey’s key findings include:

  • Americans of all income levels working from home have high-level concerns about financial well-being.
  • Productivity and hours worked are up for many.
  • Maintaining work/life balance while working from home isn’t easy, as workers face distractions from children and pets, and struggle to separate work from family life.
  • Social distancing hasn’t prevented Americans from staying connected.
  • Working from home greatly increases the risk of cyber attacks — and most workers aren’t concerned about it.
  • About one in 10 wealthy respondents have been the victim of a cyber attack while working remotely.
  • With two in five workers reporting new pain or increased pain in their shoulders, back or wrists, it’s time to make home workstations more ergonomically sound.
  • Americans are finding time for the things they enjoy, including watching TV, exercising, reading and playing video games.