CGCC Announces Awardees Ahead of 2020 Lunar New Year Gala

New York, December 16, 2019 – China General Chamber of Commerce USA (“CGCC”) and CGCC Foundation will host its 2020 Lunar New Year Gala & 15th Anniversary Celebration in New York, on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020. More than 600 distinguished guests from the US-China business community will come together to honor the contributions of the awardees towards building trust and cooperation between China and the US.

The theme of this year’s gala event is “Responsibility and Appreciation,” and the awardees were selected for their steadfast commitment to strengthening US-China business relationships, their unique impact on global business collaborations, and their continued support of corporate social responsibility programs that have consistently given back to local communities through job creation and economic growth.

This year’s honorable awardees include:

  • Goodwill Ambassador for China-US Exchange Award: James Quincey, Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company
  • The Most Influential Businessperson of the Year Award: CHO Tak Wong, Chairman and Founder of Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.
  • Excellence in Job Creation and Economic Development Award: International Vitamin Corporation and Nine Dragons Paper

In addition to the above winners, CGCC will recognize the following 12 organizations whose ongoing support has been vital to the success and growth of CGCC. These companies are: Bank of China USA; China Construction America; Ernst & Young; Related Companies; Hainan Airlines; CBRE; SL Green Realty Corp.; Starr Insurance Companies; HSBC Bank (USA); ICBC U.S. Region; China Telecom (Americas) Corporation; DeHeng Chen LLC.

Over the last 15 years, CGCC has become one of the largest and most influential non-profit organizations representing Chinese investment in the United States. Today, the organization proudly serves 1,500 member companies through its six regional chapters.

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More information on the winners:

Goodwill Ambassador for China-US Exchange Award: James Quincey, the Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company.

The Goodwill Ambassador for China-US Exchange Award recognizes a visionary and dedicated leader for their keen discernment and strategic commitment to a constructive China-US relationship. As one of the first US companies to enter the Chinese market, The Coca-Cola Company has always played an integral part in the remarkable achievements of China since its ”Reform and Opening” in 1978. With the company’s largest overseas R&D center established in Shanghai, Coca-Cola is integrating resources from both countries to transform the beverage industry while bringing China-US collaboration to the next level, benefiting local economies and international markets. Under Mr. Quincey’s leadership, The Coca-Cola Company has taken great strides in integrating the well-known brand and superior quality of Coca-Cola products into Chinese culture, promoting common values shared by people in both countries: to inspire moments of optimism and happiness and to create value and make a difference in the lives of billions of people in China and around the globe.

The Most Influential Businessperson of the Year Award: CHO Tak Wong, Chairman and Founder of Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.

The Most Influential Business Person of the Year Award recognizes a business leader who has blazed a trail in unchartered territory, leading their business to make historic contributions to the local community, revealing the true benefits of trade and investment between China and the US in the process. With an adventurous spirit, Mr. Cho transformed and developed an abandoned General Motors plant in rural Ohio into one of the largest Chinese-owned factories in the US. Despite encountering tremendous challenges, he focused on his core vision of changing Americans’ views of China and of the Chinese people to cultivate harmony in the workplace. Now, Mr. Cho’s vision coupled with a personal sense of responsibility have led to a successful business model in the market. Mr. Cho has also dedicated his career to giving back to those in need. As one of the most proactive philanthropists in the world, he has donated more than $1.5 billion to charity and social programs in areas such as poverty alleviation, natural disaster relief, environmental protection, and education. Mr. Cho’s admirable and tireless efforts in both the business and philanthropic sectors have conclusively deepened the trust and expanded innovation between communities in both the US and China.

Excellence in Job Creation and Economic Development Award: International Vitamin Corporation (IVC) and Nine Dragons Paper LLC (ND Paper).

The Excellence in Job Creation and Economic Development Award recognizes outstanding Chinese companies whose investments in the US have created high-quality jobs and supported economic growth in local communities.

IVC started its US operation in 2009 when it acquired a health supplement manufacturing plant in New Jersey with almost 200 employees. After 10 years of growth, IVC now employs over 3000 workers and has expanded its manufacturing footprint to Philadelphia, South Carolina, Georgia, Atlanta, and California.

In 2018 and 2019, ND Paper acquired four distressed paper mill factories located in Maine, Wisconsin, and Virginia. After deploying substantial capital to upgrade the equipment and expand its manufacturing capacity, ND Paper saved hundreds of jobs. Now, the company’s four mills employ over 1,400 dedicated workers and serve an integral role in the future of the surrounding local communities.

The stories of IVC and ND Paper demonstrate how Chinese investors and local US communities can successfully work together in supporting economic growth.

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About CGCC:

Founded in 2005, the China General Chamber of Commerce – USA (“CGCC”) has been recognized as the largest and most influential non-profit organization representing Chinese enterprises in the U.S. Its membership consists of more than 1,500 Chinese and U.S. companies, 54 of which are ranked on the 2019 Fortune Global 500. CGCC’s mission is to create value, generate economic growth, and enhance cooperation between the U.S. and Chinese business communities. CGCC conducts extensive research and provides a broad range of programs, services, and resources to its members and key stakeholders in an effort to foster the mutual understanding, trust, and engagement between China and the U.S. As of 2018, CGCC’s Chinese member companies have cumulatively invested over $120 billion, employ more than 200,000 people, and support over one million jobs throughout the United States.

CGCC is a national organization and includes CGCC-New York (CGCCUSA-HQ), CGCC-Chicago, CGCC-Houston, CGCC-Los Angeles, CGCC-San Francisco and CGCC-Washington D.C.

About CGCC Foundation:

Established in 2014, CGCC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The mission of CGCC Foundation is to deepen mutual understanding and cooperation between the United States and China through research, public charity and engagement in economic, cultural and social exchanges.