In Loving Memory of CGCC’s Honorary Chief Creative Director

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Famous contemporary Chinese sculptor QU Guangci (1969-2021) was born in Shanghai and received his MFA from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department. Since 1999, Qu has been invited to exhibit his works around the world, including China, Germany, France, the United States, and Southeast Asia. To date, he has held nine solo exhibitions, including “Revolutionary Romanticism”, “Collectivism”, “Twittering”, “Northernmost Country”. All of these achievements have made him the most influential contemporary Chinese sculptor in less than a decade.

In the year of 1994, 25-year-old QU Guangci won the grand prize of Sculpture Award at the 8th National Fine Arts Exhibition, which was held every 5 years, and became the youngest winner in history. He became renowned throughout the art world for his sculpting techniques. He has attracted widespread attention for his contemporary sculpture language and his post-political expression techniques, Nowadays, his most famous “Little Fatty” series has become the most classical and recognizable symbol in Art and Design industry.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the gifts of X+Q Art have brought warmth to those who were not able to meet in person. As Mr. QU said in one of his articles: “Especially at times like these, what people need is a gift. They especially need to know someone cares about them. The gift can be to ourselves or someone else, but we especially need a way to re-establish the connection.” For the CGCC team and members, the bond we established with Mr. QU and X+Q Art throughout the past several years remains one of our most cherishable gifts.

At the 2019 CGCC Annual Gala, Mr. QU was named as CGCC’s Honorary Chief Creative Director. Prior to the gala, Mr. QU and his team worked tirelessly to help CGCC  select X+Q’s unique glass figurines as gifts for CGCC’s guests and friends. Mr. QU said that as an artist he is happy to play his own part through art in promoting cultural exchanges between China and the U.S.

CGCC is sincerely grateful to Mr. QU for all of his support throughout the years. He will be greatly missed by the CGCC community. CGCC will continue to honor Mr. QU’s artistic legacy and looks forward to continuing to work with X+Q Art in the future.

X+Q Art:

In 2010, QU Guangci and XIANG Jing, who is also the top-class contemporary Chinese sculptor, established the Art brand- X+Q Art. With its high quality and ingenuity, X+Q Art has won many prizes and become one of the greatest models of the “Combination of Art and Commerce” in 10 years. X+Q Art has successfully ascended to the highest stage in the world and received numerous prizes such as “ The Best Art Gifts for Christmas in the end of 2013”- BBC, “Brand of the Year”- China General Chamber of Commerce – USA, “Annual Product Award”- Chinese Interior Decoration Association, “Decade of Contribution Award” – The Art Display & Decoration Committee of China. It represents the phenomenon of “Popularization of Fine Art” in China.