U.S.-China Investment and Cooperation Database

An information center, helping you in a way search engine can’t

The Information Center

The database serves as an information center, which presents information and news of Chinese companies that operates in the US and CGCC US member companies. This information center will bring companies many more opportunities. Companies find their future partners here!



CGCC’s membership consists of about 100 companies, including both Chinese and non-Chinese companies. 0 CGCC members are ranked on the 2020 Fortune Global 500.


This place provides a great marketing opportunities for our members and partners to introduce their new products/services. The more information a member post on the database, the higher probability the company information will be presented in searches. This is an exclusive benefit for our members and partners.

CGCC Review

To ensure the best quality and viewing experiences, your posts will be presented on the website as soon as CGCC staff have reviewed them.

The Website

The more active you are, the better display rank you will have. The CGCC website is maintained by CGCC staff to make sure you have the best using experiences. If you would like to have full access to the database, please contact contact@cgccusa.org OR Login here

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