CGCC Statement on Anti-Asian Violence

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In the course of the last year, our communities in the United States and elsewhere in the world have faced extraordinary challenges. From the moment the pandemic first struck, we have been forced to make compromises and adjustments to how we live.  However, those adjustments should not include accepting the increased hatred and violence our communities across the United States have experienced. The increased attacks do not represent the American people as a whole. Rather, these attacks, including the horrific and senseless shootings in Atlanta earlier this week that took the lives of eight innocent people, are cowardly expressions of hate carried out by a distinct minority that would attempt to further divide us.

These acts have been called out by the media, politicians and business leaders and the response has been clear and unequivocal – increased awareness and law enforcement resources dedicated to combat these violent acts of hatred. That said, more is required, as we each must remain resolute in our thoughts, efforts and actions to promote diversity and condemn prejudice, wherever and whenever encountered, including efforts to stop hate-driven violence.

Today China General Chamber of Commerce – USA (CGCC-USA) is calling on all members of our community to join us in continuing to stand up against these vile attacks. Whether we are calling out bias and discrimination, supporting advocacy groups, or just taking time to educate ourselves on the benefits of diversity in our communities, we all play a role in breaking this cycle.

CGCC-USA represents an important group of entrepreneurs, business leaders and community members that support economic growth in the United States. As we continue to engage in discussions on helping our economies recover from this pandemic and improving the American business environment, let us expand our discussions to include ways that our corporations and individuals can enhance inclusion, an ideal and goal that will help continue to reinforce the ties between the United States, China and all other Asian countries. We invite each of you to join in our discussions.

China General Chamber of Commerce – USA
CGCC Foundation