CGCC Hosted Event in Welcoming Ambassador Huang Ping and Discussion on How to Address the Cyber Security Threat to Communications

New York, December 12, 2018 – China General Chamber of Commerce – USA (CGCC) held “Welcoming Ambassador Huang Ping & How to Address the Cyber Security Threat to Communications” panel discussion at Bank of China Building in Manhattan. The event brought together over 100 US and Chinese business executives and guests from CGCC member companies to welcome the new Consul General of People’s Republic of China in New York and discuss the rising importance of cybersecurity.

The event opened with welcoming remarks by Xu Chen, Chairman of CGCC, President CEO of Bank of China USA. “CGCC wishes you great success Ambassador, and its members look forward to seeing many new achievements through your wisdom, experience and leadership. By working together, we can create many new opportunities between the 10 states you are responsible for on the east coast, which will no doubt have significant impacts on a new chapter for China-US bilateral relations,” said Xu. He also emphasized CGCC’s mission of improving China U.S. business relations.

Following Xu’s remarks, Ambassador Huang Ping, Consul General of the Peoples Republic of China in New York gave a keynote presentation in which he expressed excitement for his new position and the many opportunities New York City offers for further cooperation and strengthening of the US-China relationship. “I have felt there is this very strong desire and aspiration in the city of New York from all sectors of life that people treasure this good friendship and cooperation between China and the US”. He also emphasized the necessity of maintaining a stable relationship between China and the US. “Both China and the US have gained a lot in bilateral investment and trade over the past decades. Our economic and business ties are mutually beneficial in nature. It is more constructive to bake a big cake than just focusing on our differences.”

After Ambassador Huang’s remarks, in the panel discussion “How to Address the Cyber Security Threat to Communications” Andy Purdy, Former Director of the National Cyber Security Division at the Department of Homeland Security, and Chief Security Officer of Huawei Technologies USA; Ed Amoroso, Former Chief Security Officer of AT&T and CEO of TAG Cyber LLC; and Richard Goldberg, Managing Director and Chief Data Officer at Bank of China, discussed the importance of cyber security in business and gave suggestions on how businesses can address potential cyber security threats. This panel was moderated by Peter Reisman, member of CGCC Government and Public Relations Committee, Chief Communications Officer at Bank of China USA.

CGCC sincerely thanks the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York, Bank of China USA and all members present for supporting this event. CGCC will continue to support and organize events that generate conversations and improve awareness of the cyber security threat to communications.

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