CGCC FDI Tracker

The CGCC FDI Tracker is an online data and information platform created and maintained by China General Chamber of Commerce—USA and CGCC Foundation that tracks the most recent development of Chinese foreign direct investment in the United States. Using web scraping methodology, this FDI Tracker congregates all deal information from various information sources at one place.

The FDI Tracker has two sections — analysis and showcase. The analysis section is a snapshot of all deals that took place in recent time frame summarized by different variables including time, U.S. locations (states), locations of deal makers’ headquarters in China (provinces), sectors, and deal type (greenfield and M&A). The showcase part is a case-by-case list of all details of each transaction, linked to the original source or initial press release of the deal.

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Investment Volume by State

Investment Volume by Province


China General Chamber of Commerce – U.S.A. and CGCC Foundation, in a way to provide the public with a better understanding of the FDI flow from mainland China into the U.S., have taken this initiative to build the CGCC FDI Tracker. Unlike many other datasets, this platform provides both summaries and case exposition to all readers. Maintained on a daily basis, this dataset is compiled based on each individual transaction that CGCC discovers and gathers from major media reports, press release, company websites, business and industrial association reports in both China and the United States, at the time of publication. For M&A deals, only closed transactions were added into the dataset (confirmed by major media reports or public record on government websites); for greenfield investment projects, only the ones with evidence showing project commencement are added (a ground-breaking event, a signing ceremony, or a press release). Each transaction is paired with variables including the time of the announcement, transaction value, number of jobs related (if available), company headquarters’ location in China, U.S. host states, sector and subsector (consolidated based on the North American Industry Classification System). The information source of each deal is provided in the showcase section, with a link to the original publication. This dataset has limitations. Chinese investment flow to the U.S. is wide-spread and extremely difficult to track. Many transactions, especially small ones, are conducted privately without any public exposure. Hence this dataset is not an exhaustive list of all investment deals that occurred. Instead, it focuses on the major deals that are announced publicly – usually come with large transaction volume or economic impact – to provide readers with the broad trend and general ideas of Chinese FDI flow in the United States.

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