CGCC Legal & Policy Series: The Recent Surge in U.S. Law Enforcement Against Chinese Companies @ Bank of China Building, 28th Floor
Apr 4 @ 11:30 am – 2:00 pm

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About the event

Recent months have seen news story after news story about U.S. law enforcement activities targeting Chinese companies and nationals.   The arrest in Canada of Huawei’s CFO, a reported FBI investigation of Chinese real estate developers in Los Angeles, the San Francisco prosecution of Fujian Jinhua for trade secret theft, and more.

All these follow the November 2018 announcement by the U.S. Attorney General of a new “China Initiative” using enhanced law enforcement and other activities to counter perceived Chinese threats to the U.S.’ national security.

What is the Department of Justice’s new “China Initiative”?  How is it being implemented, and what may the future bring?  What should Chinese companies do to minimize their risk in this new environment?

Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Moscato (based in New Jersey), Blank Romes White Collar Chair Carlos Ortiz (based in New York), and Blank Romes Asia Practice Chair Mike Margolis (based in Shanghai) will share their experience and insights in this two-hour luncheon seminar.



司法部门的新“中国计划”具体指的是什么? 如何具体执行,对未来有什么影响? 中国的公司应当做些什么来减小他们在这个新环境中的风险?

在两个小时的午餐研讨会中,助理检察官 Anthony Moscato (位于新泽西), 博锐的白领犯罪调查领域主席Carlos Ortiz (位于纽约),以及博锐的亚太业务主席Mike Margolis (位于上海)将与您分享他们的经验和见解。

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