LeEco Publicizes Data on North American Chinese Users’ Content Consumption, Creating a TV Ecosystem with Best Understanding of Chinese Community

Silicon Valley, May 3, 2017, LeEco, a leading global technology and internet company, published its first set of data on Chinese American users’ content consumption on big screen TV. The report indicates that about 60 percent of Chinese American consumers prefer VOD (video-on-demand) programs, and 40 percent prefer live streaming. Children’s programs and popular TV dramas are the most welcomed Chinese language content in North America. This is the first report in the TV industry focusing on Chinese American consumers’ viewing behavior and their demand for Chinese language content. Based on the principle of building an open eco platform, LeEco will publish big data on the Chinese language content market in North America on a regular basis, providing important references for creating a TV content ecosystem specifically targeting Chinese speakers in North America. This is LeEco’s newest initiative benefiting Chinese-speaking users.

“LeEco is the first Chinese Internet company to provide tailored products, services and content to the Chinese community in the U.S.,” said Bob Ye, Vice President of LeEco’s North America Smart Devices. “As China’s most innovative Internet-based ecosystem company and a leading distributor of Chinese language content, LeEco brings Chinese film and TV programing through powerful devices to meet the needs of the growing Chinese community.”


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Bob Ye, Vice President of LeEco’s North America Smart Devices, says the company will continue to bring the best content to the Chinese American Community.


LeEco has been creating a content platform and smart devices tailored for Chinese American users. In a little over a year, nearly 50,000 Chinese American families have become members of LeEco’s premium content services. Based on the big data report, in the first quarter of 2017, Chinese American viewers spend an average of 4.5 hours per day watching Chinese-language content on TV. About 46 percent of the time is spent on VOD programs, 21 percent on live streamed channels tailored for specific target audiences. 33 percent of the view time on live streaming channels tunes in to CCTV and local Chinese TV stations. The report indicates that Chinese American viewer show strong demand for content from China, but because of the time differences, they cannot watch live streamed programs simultaneously with viewers in China. This creates the need for live streaming channels dedicated to categorized Chinese shows and a content platform with the capacity to satisfy the demand of Chinese American viewers.

In terms of content categories, Family programs and popular TV dramas are the favorites of Chinese American viewers, among which child ballad channels are number one on the list of VOD channels. The numbers show that Chinese American viewers, especially seniors and children, find high-quality Chinese language content the most effective way to connect with Chinese culture. Demand for kids’ Chinese programing shows how much Chinese American families value Chinese language education for their children.

LeEco hopes the sharing of big data can benefit Chinese language content partners, satisfy Chinese-speaking users, keep improving user experience, and establish a Chinese language content ecosystem. Yang Yihang, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco, who attended the latest Eco Open Day at LeEco North America headquarters, said: “Since LeEco came into the North American market, the company has become an great example of Chinese companies expanding overseas. It serves the Chinese American community and create win-win partnership with other Chinese companies in the United States, contributing greatly the to trade and economic exchange between China and the United States.”


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Yang Yihang, , Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Officer of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China, praises LeEco for becoming a great example for Chinese companies expanding overseas.


LeEco will continue to launch products and services specifically targeting Chinese American users. For the upcoming Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, LeEco North America will present an abundance of great deals for Chinese American consumers. For details, please visit LeEco.com/Chinese