China General Chamber of Commerce – U.S.A. has six Industrial Committees in the following sectors: Automotive, Energy & Chemical, Finance, Information Technology, Real Estate,Logistics & Trade.

The committees of CGCC represent the leading markets of Chinese enterprises in the United States. Led by prominent business executives, committees work to develop, promote and maintain business in particular industries.

Automotive Committee

The Automotive Committee is based in America’s automotive capital, Detroit, Michigan, and was the first CGCC industry committee formed. The committee encompasses all CGCC members involved in the automotive industry, spare parts manufacturing, and related import-export trade. Since its inception, the Automotive Committee has hosted various activities to promote collaboration and communication between the Chinese automotive industry and American automobile companies, such as Ford. Members of the committee include the American subsidiaries of Wanxiang, SAIC, and BWI.

Energy & Chemical Committee

CGCC’s Energy and Chemical Industry Committee is located in Houston, Texas and covers all member companies engaged in chemical product import-export, energy extraction, related equipment manufacturing, and alternative energy development. In past years, the committee has hosted seminars and workshops as well as worked to encourage the healthy development of Chinese energy enterprises within the US. Members of the committee include the American subsidiaries of Forbes 500 top 10 companies Sinopec and Petrochina.

Finance Committee

The Financial Committee is headquartered in New York City and is comprised of those member companies that are banks, investment institutions, insurance companies, and securities issuers. In the years since the financial crisis, the Financial Committee has been extremely active, hosting seminars and helping Chinese financial institutions determine a response to the crisis. Members of the committee include the American branches of Bank of China, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, CICC-US, Citic, Unionpay and PICC.

Information Technology Committee

The Information Committee is based in California’s Silicon Valley. The number of China’s information enterprises that have entered the U.S. market has grown rapidly in recent years and so the Information Committee plays a key role in assisting Chinese companies to make the move by sharing industry news, establishing relations with the government, and helping to promote brands. The committee has hosted lectures and discussions and established mutually beneficial and cooperative relations with the members’ U.S. counterparts. Members include the American subsidiaries of Shanghai Huahong, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, Huawei, and ZTE.

Real Estate Committee

The Real Estate Committee is located in New York. It is CGCC’s newest committee focusing on the real estate industry in the United States. As more Chinese real estate companies enter the U.S. market, there is a need for a group that facilitates communication and fosters better understanding. CGCC works to promote the growth of Chinese real estate companies in the United States.

Logistics & Trade Committee

In 2016, Transportation & Logistics Committee and Trade Committee consolidated into Logistics & Trade committee. The new committee is committed to supporting members engaged in transportation, logistics, travel business and trade, further promoting Chinese brands in the U.S. market, reducing/smoothing trade frictions. Current member companies include the American subsidiaries of Shanghai International Holding Corp., Minmetals, Baosteel, Haier, Cosco, China Shipping, AirChina, Eastern Airlines, Pacific American Corporation, etc. Welcome all related CGCC members to join.

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